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Updated 10/15/12

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Out-of-state license applications are due no later than March 15th. Please ask us for assistance in filling out your applications, we will be happy to help. Visit the Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks website for rules, regulations, license fees and application download.

We take a maximum of 4 hunters per week (excluding opening week). We like to focus on high quality hunts with successful hunters; if you are interested in a hunt for 2013, please contact us immediately to make sure you get a space.

The last two years there have been leftover licenses as the State of Montana did away with the outfitter-sponsored guaranteed license, and it has caused many hunts to be left unfilled.

This past year we had the privilege of guiding and arranging numerous corporate hunts and had a banner season with our clients. We had hunters trek to Azerbaijan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan and Russia for brown bear and snow sheep and many other hunts. Swarovski Optik Quest TV Host Dean Capuano headed to Africa with one of our best operators and Ron Spomer tagged along for an awesome hunt there.

Weather here was good for the most part, the snow was a little shy on Lion season at times. Our trophy whitetail and mule deer areas are still rebounding from winterkill and blue tongue from several years ago.

Our Marco Polo hunters were all successful without any troubles and all of our ibex hunters returned with great trophies also.

We have received an increase in the number of requests for information about trip cancellation insurance and MedEvac insurance. We strongly suggest all hunters learn about this and visit the Sportsman's Travel Insurance site for more information about it.

This has become the single most important purchase to complement all your hard work and investment. Every year I have dozens of clients who wish they would have made the minimal investment. Sportsman's Insurance is the only program that I have found that is on the sportsman's side, as they also offer MedEvac Insurance. Be sure to log-in correctly on their website with our agent ARC#109422. I personally researched every insurance company available to sportsmen--this is the only one that is 100% hands-on. Without a doubt providing the best all around value and coverage in the industry. Anyone can build their own custom tailored policy to suit their personal needs online.

We are dealers for Globalstar Satellite Phones, Iridium phones and Swarovski Optics. These are legendary and by far the most superior optics available to any sportsman. We use ours on a daily basis and feel it is the best money spent for any sportsman, no matter what hunt they are going on, to have the best optics, period. We are also pleased to be dealers for what we feel are the best hunting boots available, especially for extreme mountain hunting: Kenetrek boots are now available from us.

Montana - New Pricing Structure for limited hunts
Deer and Elk: Book now for 2013 (limited availability)
Inquire for group package rates.
2013 Rifle Elk Hunts: $6,000 (Includes tag)
2013 Elk Archery: $5,750 (Includes tag)
2013 Mule Deer: $5,000 (Includes tag)
2013 Whitetail: $5,500 (Includes tag)
Predator calling trip in Montana, 3 days: $1,500
Professional trapping instructions, 3 days: $1,500

Some of this information has been posted for a while, but we feel it should be available for those who are not in the know.

Passport Requirements: Anyone traveling out of the USA will now be required to have a current passport, no exceptions. If you don't have one, apply now. Please check your expiration dates now as well, as it is very expensive to acquire passports on short notice. (There is an extension for those traveling to Canada, Mexico, and the Caribbean by air and returning to the US. If you are flying, then you need a passport.)

Customs Declaration of all Firearms: Anyone leaving the country is required to have all firearms recorded with U.S. Customs on form 4457. This can be done at your Local International Airport (Customs Office). There is no charge for this. You can put up to three firearms on one card. You will need to bring your firearms in a locked case to your local Customs Office during business hours.

Tajikistan - Book now for 2013!
Marco Polo Sheep hunts open for 2013 - 55-60"+ Rams + $3,000 Ibex add-on - All-inclusive from Osh, Kyrgyzstan!
All Argali importation applications must be submitted to us by May 1. This could be the lowest price for a Marco Polo Ram in the 55 to 60+ inch range you will find today for this area! Includes all of the normal assistance in acquiring all of the paperwork necessary. These hunts keep going up, and most all permits keep getting used if you are serious, please contact us.

Kyrgyzstan - (Prices will be going up in 2013)
Marco Polo - USFWS is again issuing import permits for this country on a limited basis; we have an exclusive agreement in a top area for Marco Polo and Ibex, close to the China border where vast herds of un-hunted sheep funnel into this area during the winter and rut.

We absolutely have the best prices for the best service and area because we have exclusive agreement with Kirgiz Ministry of Nature for 2013 guaranteeing us a set number of Marco Polo licenses by preferential pricing in our hunting area (one of the best) - South from Issik-Kul Lake close to China border.

If you compare Marco Polo price in Kirgizia and Tajikistan you can see $14,000 difference. It's time to go to Kirgizia for Marco Polo hunt with top professionals in 2013! I know there are some lower--not better--offers in Kirgizia for Marco Polo hunts and I know how these hunts always end. Very poor services, no trophy choices, problems with issuing documents and trophy shipment. Avoid all these problems with us, because we always accompany our clients during hunt and take personal responsibility for everything before, during and after hunt.

Mid-Asian Ibex - Openings for huge ibex! Fire sale prices to fill up groups, these won't last long! Great area for 55"+ Ibex

Booked full - book now for 2013!

Snow sheep openings for the fall!

We also have several Brown bear openings for Kamchatka. You can read about our brown bear hunts in Kamchatka in the Sports Afield summer issue written by Ron Spomer.

Still room for Kamchatka rainbow fishing 2013 summer. You will not find fishing like this anywhere else in the world for rainbows - huge trout and tons of them!

Not only is the fishing incredible for rainbows but also grayling, salmon, char.

Special Package Hunt (2013): $5,500 USD
Seven Days Safari (Five Days of Hunting)
With the following trophies:
1. Eland or Giraffe
2. Kudu or Blue Wildebeest or Zebra
3. Springbok or Blesbok
4. Oryx or Hartebeest
5. Duiker or Steenbok or Warthog
6. Baboon or Jackal
7. Bird hunting
Buffalo!! Buffalo!!

7 days and one trophy buffalo for only $10,000 all included in our new concession in the well known Matetsi area close to Victoria Falls.

*Also available @ very affordable prices!!
*Non-trophy elephant
Packages and combos @ even better prices!!

More specials and reduced hunts coming!!! Let us know what you are looking for and we will try to put it together for you.



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