Swarovski Optik

Swarovski Optik of Austria has long been recognized as North America's favorite choice for premium binoculars and optics. All Swarovski optics are built to last a lifetime of hard use, are superbly designed and are of the highest optical quality. If you're looking for a once in a lifetime investment on super premium optics, Swarovski is the only choice. Swarovski pocket, SLC and EL models are roof prism style binoculars. They are waterproof, phase corrected and backed by a limited lifetime warranty. Are Swarovski binoculars worth every penny? You're darn right they are!!

We have used almost every brand of optics out there and we are very, very serious about optics. All of our guides use Swarovski binoculars and scopes. Generally the majority of us have EL 10x42, a few carry the SLC models as these particular guides tend to be hard on equipment and SLC's have thicker armor. The glass is the same in both EL and SLC models. Our #1 choice for spotting scopes hands down is the new Magnesium body on the ATM-65 with the 20x50 wide-angle eyepiece. This little scope is a sheep hunter's dream come true. It is also perfect for elk and mule deer hunting. If you use a spotting scope very much, you will find the angled scopes far more comfortable on your neck and with the tilt side to side there is little need to reposition when looking through it, even on a window mount in your truck.

We get asked repeatedly what we use or recommend for all types of applications--when it comes to rifle scopes, that depends on what you are going to be putting your scope on and what you are hunting. Our personal preference for hunting in Montana and abroad for sheep is the AV TDS-reticle 4x12x50. We also have been using the new for 2012 10X42 EL Range, and they are awesome! Angle compensator integrated into them and it is nice.

All Swarovski products sold by Crossheart Outfitters L.L.C. have the full Swarovski Optik North America limited lifetime warranty! ALL Swarovski binoculars orders include Express Shipping Prices listed are 10% off of suggested retail!

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Film Crew Support Service

Crossheart Outfitters Outfitters offers the service of Primal Adventures filming services. Primal Adventures filming section has been active over the last several years in providing film crew support, location scouting and professional guide services for film crews from around the world. In conducting hunts and expeditions around the world we have found some incredible and remote locations that most location scouting services do not have the opportunity to find.

Our clients range from smaller independent film-makers and professional photographers to the likes of Discovery Channel and the BBC.

We are available 12 months of the year. For us, there is no job too large or too small. We offer an impressive array of equipment for efficient wilderness travel - a boat for every situation, 4x4s and All-Terrain Vehicles (ATVs), vans, snowmobiles, horses and much more. Combined with many years of backcountry experience, we can get you where you need to be, when you need to be there. Our contacts in numerous countries along with bi-lingual guides assure ease in traveling to foreign destinations. We can even offer security and body guard services. .

Stock Footage

We have a fairly large library of stock footage of many different species of wildlife as well as varied location from around the world. Much of our stock footage is filmed in remote locations. In stock we have footage from Africa, Asia, Mexico, the Artic as well as North America.

Footage is priced by the edited minute and is sent on formatted DVD for initial review. If there is a certain species or location we do not have on hand and our services are required please inquire for quote.

Custom Filming

We routinely film clients on trips all over to remote locations in some very adverse conditions. Personal biographer and guide services start at $300 per day (7 day minimum) plus all expenses to and from location. We at times do have special pricing depending on whether Crossheart Outfitters L.L.C. booked your trip and on the trip itself. This price may or may not include editing and soundtracks put to your film. Clients have the option of paying for the editing of the master tapes themselves with an editing company of their choice. Equipment includes Canon's line of high end professional broadcast 3-chip digital video cameras and several HDTV-Panasonics on request. Wireless mics, and Editing Suite with Adobe Premiere Pro and an Apple G-5 with Final Cut Pro.

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