Extreme Hunters
(Real Hardcore Hunters)

This portion of our website is dedicated to some of the most avid, extreme and successful hunters in North America. The reason or special note for this category is for a few simple reasons -- none of them are "egomaniacs" or media hounds looking for their 15 minutes of fame. They don’t have a TV show, nor do they want one, they are not interested in writing outdoor articles or hunt solely for the brand of the logo on their wear and equipment and the companies that give them product. I know there are plenty of other hardcore extreme hunters out there, whether it is for whitetails or whatever. I don't claim to know all of them nor am I trying to disrespect them.

Most you will never hear of these guys. Most all of them hunt exclusively on public land, and most all of them hunt by themselves. Some of them have no desire to hunt the Okovongo River Delta in Botswana, or travel to the far reaches of Asia. They are, in my opinion, some of the most skilled, experience and hardcore hunters out there, period. Some of them are extremely savvy about all of the species they hunt for and that is varied. A few hunt specifically for a couple of animals and brother, you know they are the top at their game. Some are bow hunters, or just rifle, some are dual or triple weapon hunters and are skilled at anything they shoot.

North America -- namely Montana and Alaska have all they want to hunt and experience.

They have jobs, some have their own business. Family and hunting to them are "sacred" and a very, very personal thing. Most of them really didn’t want us to place them here, it is purely out of respect and my belief some of their accomplishments, personality and dedication should be noted somewhere. It is because of our relationship and our admiration we are able to put them up on our site and a few of their trophies and bios.

Tim Olds

Tim is from the Dearborn area in Montana, and is one of my closest longtime friends. We went to school together, played football, and then later we both went to work on the railroad for some years. We competed against one another trapping ,and throughout the years helped each other out in regards to perfecting that craft. He is one of the best elk hunters I know of in Montana, if not the west, and I know a lot of elk hunters, and for sure the best water trapper in Montana, period. He is also a force when it comes to bobcats. His numbers for beaver, mink, rats, and coon are unreal; this guy takes vacation from work and works harder in a month of water fur trapping and cat trapping than most do in a whole year of work. His numbers exceed into the hundreds when he gets with it, and in short periods of time.

I've lost count of how many big bulls Tim has taken over the years; he eats, breathes and slobbers over big bull elk. He goes way, way back into places for big bulls, places where I've chased lions before and I can tell you, no elk steak or rack is worth it to me to hike back in and pack out the bulls he harvests, all on public land. I think he is over 37 to 38 bulls taken in a lifetime and he still has a lot of miles left in him. He is in above average physical shape for the years, even with a bum knee and surgery he fears no ridge or mountain if there is elk there. He has taken many big bulls with a rifle, and also taken several P & Y bulls with his Matthews bow.

Tim is also one of the most talented and gifted men you will ever meet. He can build anything out of wood, or metal and is one of the top knife makers you will ever meet, he makes some of the most beautiful hard core hunting knives you will ever see.


Bob Cyr

From Lincoln, Montana, lived right over the mountains from me, we trekked over each others trails for years and Bob had lion hounds when he lived in Montana, but for whatever reason we never met until Bob moved to Alaska. Bob is one of the most dedicated, research-oriented, serious hunters you will ever meet.

While Bob is a brother to me in Christ, he is also just one of the nicest guys you will ever meet. His grandfather was one of the first outfitters in the Scapegoat Wilderness and taught Bob a lot of the mountain savvy he didn’t learn on his own. He guided for several different outfitters in the wilderness and is a top hand with a horse and when it comes to hunting elk, mule deer and is a sheep fanatic. He works hard, is a terrific father and husband.

Bob has the old school cowboy way of thought, "we'll get there and hunt no matter what," equipment, stock, human bodies banged and bruised no worries, we'll get there no matter what. It takes a really severe situation before Bob throws in the towel, and that ain't often.

Bob's harvest in Alaska on Dall sheep and mountain goats is extremely impressive, he is almost 100% on sheep for a number of years, and has taken plenty of moose and caribou, black bears and grizzly. I know Bob, like so many others, if it is mountain game, it's a go. He is 100% a purist in the sense of his time in the field and on the mountain is very precious and it is not wasted on half-ass attempts or worrying about partnering up with someone. Like the rest, Bob hunts alone, he regularly goes in with a partner, but they immediately split and go different directions and only come back out when they take their trophy or when it is time to end the hunt. Almost all backpack hunts, in and out, no mountain or scree slide stops Bob.

Bob is also a super fisherman and gets with it all summer before hunting season and even some winter fishing. He is also a master at smoking fish and making sausages and jerky. His smoked fish is so good, if you get any of the oil on your head, your tongue will beat you to death trying to get it out of your hair.

Roy Roth

Originally from Oregon and now an Alaska resident, you might have heard of Roy Roth, especially if you’re a big time bowhunting enthusiast or fan of Cameron Hanes. Roy and Cameron hunted together searching out remote elk populated mountains in Oregon with llamas way back in the day. It is Cam Hanes recognition and writings in his business and success that bring Roy to the spotlight.

Deciding he wanted to live in Alaska he just packed up one day and headed north with the family. He has a successful construction business and is a super hardcore, dyed in the wool bow hunter and has many, many record book trophies to his name and many great trophies. With a strong Christian faith Roy is double tough and seems oblivious to severe conditions and as the rest of the extreme hunters here, a deep ingrained "tough mental and positive attitude" no matter what.

Roy has had some incredible success, taking 10 trophies one year with his bow in Alaska. He routinely harvests 3, 4 or more trophies each year. Roy, I believe, is one of the greatest griz hunters with a bow and really as far I know the best. Roy is also a very accomplished trapper and runs miles of his line on his own throughout the winter in the most severe conditions and always produces a great catch year after year.

I met Roy while on a brown bear hunt in Alaska with Top Gun treks and Bob Jewett. My brother Mike Monnin told me I was going to love hunting with Roy, two peas in a pod he said. He was right, we both love to hunt griz and Roy kept me going and we had a ton of fun and lots of excitement, he was so persistent in getting my hunting partner a brown bBear after he passed on one and I took it. We later got stuck in a cabin 40 miles or more from camp for 3 days, no food to speak of and running out of chew. Roy kept us laughing and was not concerned the slightest that we wouldn’t take the last bear. The last day of the hunt the weather broke for us and we were able to get out and head towards camp. We traversed countless miles on snow machines to the last minute of hunt until we found a big brownie for the last guy, as the bush plane was waiting on skis in melting ice to shuttle us out on the last evening my gear was already loaded on the waiting plane when we finally got back to Roy's cabin and barely got out that night, finally landing in Wasilla right before dark.

His success and stories are what legends are made of, he has endured so many hunts with conditions that the average or even above average hunter can't fathom in order to be successful, truly makes Roy a once in a lifetime hunter to have the blessing of having met, let alone hunt with.


Mike Monnin

Mike is for sure "Addicted to Adventure," being a kindred spirit like me, we get the travel bug and long for far off reaches. We are fortunate to have Mike and his wife as close personal friends and met Mike through another long time friend and Extreme Hunter, Kurt Racicot. Mike has not only hunted numerous states chasing huge whitetails, elk, etc. but has traveled with his bow to Mongolia for ibex, Azerbaijan for tur, Africa for plains game and now is chasing Marco Polo sheep in Asia. Mike loves the research and technical aspect of solo hunts as well as piling it all on and making things tougher, only to come out ahead and be successful. Mike is an archer and muzzleloader guy and very skilled with both.

Again being one of the nicest guys around, he and his wife formed CaptivateM Outdoors Company. They put together gear packages, clothing, boots, etc. for certain hunts and do gear reviews. If Mike recommends or sells it, let me tell you, it works and you know he has used and abused it before he recommends it. Mike was instrumental in helping with research and development of Stone Glaciers new extreme solo backpack for serious pack hunters.

Horns, horns, it is all about horns. Mike leaves Barrow, Alaska, in the spring to go to Iowa and the mid-west for shed hunting whitetail horns. He is a super sheep hunter and has taken plenty of grizzly, brown bears but his taste is overwhelming for horns on anything and sheep. He is an all around hunter and no one species in particular matters to him, except maybe whitetails, or sheep, elk? He loves 'em all.

A lineman by trade he, like the rest, is double tough and fears nothing and the heavier the pack the better. He has more energy and enthusiasm than any ten guys I know and wonder about the day he runs out of steam if it is possible, I am sure he would be diagnosed with ADD if checked and would make sure I bought stocks in Ritalin immediately, he is wound up always and in great spirits.





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