Crossheart Outfitters and Bruce Smetana have been featured in countless publications since 1999 and visited by some of the most influential personalities in the hunting industry over the past decade. We have taken many VIP and foreign dignitaries as well as professional athletes, country western artists and an actor or two. A handful of outdoor/gun writers to grace our camps include Ron Spomer, Frank Miniter, Tommy McIntyre, Bryce Towsley, Dave Workman, Jacob Gottfredson, Richard Jordan, Gordy Krahn and Todd Smith to name a few.

For years we have excelled at guiding hunts for outdoor companies and their writers, employees and guests. These hunts are not always easy to pull off, there are almost always egos involved and a lot of pressure and hassles. We welcome it -- we have enough experience in this industry that if your request involves something out of our capabilities or your expectations we will tell you up front. We have turned away groups and bookings several times as what we could offer and produce was not what an individual or group was looking for. We will never tell you we have 100% satisfied clients. You can't do what we do and not have a few disgruntled clients for whatever reason -- weather was poor, missed shots, can't shoot, couldn't walk, was not quick enough, and the one that always gets us, he didn’t want to shoot at the trophy because it was the first morning of his trip and he wanted to keep hunting. In the long run we have always done our best to give our customers the best possible experience.

We have been featured in some of the best outdoor TV programming available, as well as magazines and newspapers.



"We really enjoyed working with Crossheart Outfitters and
think your slogan 'Life without adventure, is no life at all'
is absolutely fitting for you!" ~Chuck Matthews

Our operation has been featured in these prestigious publications and others:

American Hunter
Petersen's Hunting
Tactical Shooter
North American Hunter
Guns & Ammo
Grand Slam/Ovis
Journal of the Texas Trophy Hunters
The Accurate Rifle
The Hunting Report
Field and Stream
Sports Afield
Gray's Journal
Big Game Adventures

Television media that have featured Crossheart Outfitters include:

Northwest Hunter with Rick Young, Texas Trophy Hunters TV, Cabela's Outfitter Journal TV, Mossy Oak, Real Tree, Primal Adventures TV, NAHC, Cliff Tulpa's World Wide Adventures and many others.

These shows have been featured on hunting television networks including The Outdoor Channel, Men's Channel, Pursuit Channel,Versus, OLN, ESPN and the Sportsman Channel.

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